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20131020-_DSC5109If you are reading this then chances are pretty good we met through music.  If you don’t know me very well let me give you a little back ground, if you do know me to well you could skip ahead to the next paragraph.  Music is who I am and what I do.  I was born in a small town in MN. Over the last 10 years I’ve made a pretty modest living for myself doing music.  My first original Rock band Juggernaut was signed to Noise records and we recorded 2 albums for them.  I’m sure you’ve heard all the horror stories about the music business and my experience was no different.  After the 2nd album we recorded for Noise was shelved the band broke up  and my focus shifted to just trying to make a living playing music.  I have been in a number of bands and projects but it always seemed as though I was the last man standing looking for what came next.

Recently I’ve relocated to Austin, TX.  I live to perform music and there’s no shortage of bars or opportunities to play them here.  I have an EP that I released on iTunes and an EP that I recorded before I left MN. The Single for that EP will be released Nov.12. on iTunes, Reverbnation and a variety of digital music outlets but the good news for you is if you’ve found this site you will have an opportunity to acquire my entire catalog for a fraction of what I am able to sell it to you in the stores for.


I'm Mark Stone. Music is who I am and what I do. I am the singer songwriter guitar player of Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band. We play BOTH kinds of music Country and Midwestern.

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