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I’d like to extend my deepest and most heartfelt Thanks to all of you who have purchased an advance copy of “The Sequel” by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band.  The plan was of course to finish the album while I was still in Austin, TX.  That didn’t happen.  When I got back to MN the High Decibel Area Studio and Michael Rumore of Italian Noise was an obvious choice to get it done.  We are hoping to have it done before the end of the year and I apologize for all of the delays but rather than go into a story about this and that happened in transfer and blah blah blah let me just tell you that I can’t wait to get this new music to you.  All of you that have bought the pre-order you will receive each remaining track as soon as it comes back from mastering via digital download and the 1st single from “The Sequel” “I Wanna Kiss You In The Country

The Sequel artwork







should be sent to you in a month or so.  In anticipation of the albums completion the website will be under some construction over the next month or so.  I apologize again for any inconvenience but I assure you all these changes are for the better sonically and visually.  Thank You So Much For Your Support. #southernrock #countryrock #gruntry


I'm Mark Stone. Music is who I am and what I do. I am the singer songwriter guitar player of Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band. We play BOTH kinds of music Country and Midwestern.

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